Monday, November 22, 2010

November 9th, 2010

It's interesting how my surrounding has changed within one year.

Trondheim, Norway

Barcelona, Spain

Plan to be forgotten

I don't mean this to be a negative start to my blog, but as I left Minneapolis about a month ago this is the thought I had in my mind. It was my second return after finishing up in Norway and so many strange feelings surrounded me every time I started getting comfortable in the place that has been my home for so long. As everyone who has lived abroad knows, spending some time away from home feels like a vacation, but when you return the realization of how everyone's lives have grown without you sinks in, and in many cases you are no longer an integral part of anything anymore. At least this is the feeling I have had; of course I'm not claiming it to be truth. Leaving for a period of time left me a snapshot of each person in my life, allowing me to remember them at the moment of my departure. Upon returning I revisited this image, and saw the changes to be so apparent. Surely I had changed as well, but I guess the difference is to what depth. There is no doubt that most of the people I've shared my life with are building deep roots; entering into partnerships and bringing new life into the world. I guess the way I enrich my life is much different right now; picking up pieces here and there. And for that reason I guess I chose to leave.

So "plan to be forgotten" was merely a positive way for me to look at the situation of leaving my life behind in Minneapolis. It was my choice to leave friends and family, and therefore I anticipate returning to a very different scenario, and I guess this time I'm OK with that.